Devoted to the Standard
The band Devoted to the Standard was formed by pianist Scott Martin to capture the essence of those masterpieces of the great American musical song book known as  jazz standards,  Scott grew up listening to the his parents classic jazz albums and studying with the house pianist at Washington DC''s Blues Alley Club.  He played in McLean Virginia's award winning Langley High School Jazz Lab then graduated from New England Conservatory.  He worked as a studio musician in NYC then moved to Boulder CO, completed his Masters degree at CU and began playing jazz in Denver area clubs.  On one random solo piano gig he was so bored with his own playing that he decided to sing some of the songs he was playing, and all of a sudden the audience looked up and realized there was a musician there!  He'd stumbled upon the secret of the jazz standard - they have lyrics and people relate to them.  Being true to the standard of excellence found in these songs and the tradition that embodies them is hence another component of the name Devoted to the Standard.  As sung by Ayo Awosika and supported by the rest of the band, these wonderful songs take on a new life the present moment rich with the history of America's true art form.